Whether it’s a bullet point in your organization’s annual report or a headline in your company’s portfolio of achievements, sustainability is an important responsibility for all of us.

The Bag Connection (TBC) plays a pivotal role in our customer’s sustainability planning because zero waste to landfill has become a principal initiative.

The waste hierarchy  of reduce, reuse, and recycle is listed in order of importance and that is how we prioritize our efforts to help your company achieve a more sustainable FIBC (bulk bag) program.

Reduce – With our experience and industry affiliates we will analyze your current bulk bag usage to identify areas for improvement. If we can put more bags on the truck or more product in the bag, we will significantly reduce your cost per unit and need to manufacture more bulk bags.

Reuse – Our goal is to return as many reusable bulk bags to your supply chain as possible to eliminate the need to utilize more resources. Every bag we return to service lessens our customers carbon footprint and cost.

Recycle – If a bulk bag comes back damaged, we will send it for recycling into resin for the manufacturing of consumer plastic products.